Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I emailed a client today to ask for three small pieces of personal information that were missing from her file, so that I could finish filling out the 49 pages (literally!!) of forms for Immigration. She sent back a totally snotty email telling me that she had already sent that information in a Word document. No, no, you didn't. I have that document sitting right in front of me and IT'S NOT ON THERE. THAT'S WHY I SENT THE EMAIL!

Considering that I stand between her and a green card, you'd think she could rein in her obvious disdain for those of us lower life-forms who aren't research scientists at a major university just long enough for us to finish filing her paperwork.

I have 18 other clients needing attention right now. Your paperwork doesn't have to be filed until the day your current visa expires two months from now. Every time you call or email and treat me like something you scraped off the bottom of your shoe, I find myself wanting to drop your file further and further down my "to-do" list in favor of working on the file of a client who is both cooperative and friendly. If you're so damned smart and my work is so damned easy, maybe you should be handling this matter yourself. I'll be happy to send the blank forms to you and return your documents so that you can file your own petition. Nothing in the applicable Code says that you have to be represented by an attorney in your immigration matters. Since I obviously have the brain power of a turtle, I'm sure you and your superbrain will be more than capable of handling everything.


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