Sunday, May 22, 2005

Zoo Station

One of the cats has taken to scratching at the closed bedroom doors in the night, crying loudly to be let in. Then, when you open the door, he makes a circuit of the room and wants to be let back out-- usually just as you're starting to drift off again. Last Thursday night, I heard a great crash. Jumping up from my bed, I started toward the door so that I could investigate what mischief which animal had gotten into, only to realize that my door was open and that a fuzzy streak of black had just grazed my ankles on its way past.

So, a decision was made to break JoJo of this habit. Grace's fiancee was assigned watergun duty. All weekend, he slept with that watergun by his side, one ear cocked for the sound of feline misbehavior. Once, he nearly squirted Will by accident, when he heard him heading down the hallway to the bathroom.

Success has been limited. The crying has mostly stopped, but Sunday when I got up around 4 am to go to the bathroom, JoJo jumped up and ran into my room. I left the door cracked, figuring that he'd just make his usual circuit of the room and then leave. Instead, he jumped up on my bed and laid down. For about 2 minutes. Then he walked in a circle around the mattress before laying down in a different spot. For about two minutes. Repeat the last two sentences for about 20 minutes before he finally jumped down and ran out of the room. And apparently the kitty drag races at 3 a.m. continue unabated.


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