Saturday, September 27, 2008

Signs That You're Watching a Really Great Movie on Sci-Fi Channel (Sure to Be an Ongoing Series)

1. The scene opens on a seemingly abandoned vehicle with claw marks on it.
2. All of the actors are wearing military uniforms and carrying big guns.
3. The opening credits use the phrase "Starring Steven Baldwin"
4. Use of the following bits of dialogue: "What is that??", "Don't you die on me now!", "Send that bugger back to Hell!"
5. Heavy use of video effects to indicate that you're seeing a scene through "the monster's eyes".
6. The combination of time periods, i.e. high school girls from the modern era fighting an egyptian queen and her army of living mummies (using only the powers of her mind!!!)
7. None of the characters are allowed to smile, ever.



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